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M.A. CHIAPPETTA (aka Michele) began her writing career in the eighth grade with a riveting tale of two robots who fall in love against society’s conventions. Published today, “Robots in Love” would no doubt be a blockbuster, if only a copy still existed. Today, she pursues her love for storytelling and sharing her quirky take on the world through copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, fiction writing, and teaching college courses. She holds a Masters in Teaching through New York’s Manhattanville College.

In addition to over 12 years of full-time writing experience in donor communications and fundraising, M.A. has been published in multiple magazines and websites as a freelance journalist. Her credits include regular feature articles for Preview (for which she also serves as Managing Editor and Social Media Director), as well as credits in Oklahoma Magazine, Tulsa Food, Vehicle MD, go.drive, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat, and Mensa Bulletin. With her passion for sharing people’s unique stories, she has covered such varied topics as senior fraud, diversity, car technology, business management, restaurants, website reviews, and interviews with people of interest, including car racing legends Norm McDonald and Larry Koester, film actor and director Bruce Campbell, Rustic Cuff owner Jill Donovan, and others.

M.A.’s fiction can be found in the Dark and Dangerous Things series of anthologies, as well as a collection of her own speculative fiction collection, Freaks and Other Monsters. Her Chipper Musings on writing, creativity, and life in general—colored by her eclectic interests in books, music, SFF, laughter, spirituality, and geekdom—can also be found on her website, The Chipper Muse, as well as on the blog for Purple Ink Writers. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as chippermuse.

She is also owner of Chipper Muse Creative Service, a small communications and social media boutique. And she is co-founder of Writing Well with Rob Harmon.