Writing Well has a threefold mission.


To help creative fiction and non-fiction writers of all levels and disciplines from Oklahoma, the surrounding states, and around the world to continually develop their skills and artistic vision. We do this by challenging writers to delve deeply into understanding themselves and their communities. We believe that by doing so, writers can discover essential truths that help them grow as artists, including:

The reality of who they are as people and as writers.

The truths of as many other people as possible.

A greater appreciation for the natural world and their place in it.

To encourage writers not to just publish work, but to first and always write effectively, skillfully, and artistically, which leads to publication-ready work. We do this by:

Highlighting the individual writer's uniqueness.

Encouraging positive, consistent, personal intention and goal setting.

Inspiring higher quality standards and expectations.

To foster a spirit of generosity in writers by providing them tangible ways to connect with their communities and with people around the world through charitable works.