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ROB HARMON moved back to Oklahoma in 2014 after being away for nearly 20 years and is extremely grateful for Tulsa's vibrant writing community. When he isn’t taking nature walks through Oxley Nature Center or practicing yoga at Be Love on 6th Street, he’s writing fiction, contributing to local magazines or spending time at the lake. 


Having lived both in Dallas, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri, he’s not only an Oklahoma Sooners football fan, he also roots for the ever-mediocre Dallas Cowboys and the 2015 World Champion Kings of Kauffman, the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

Rob has volunteered in Texas as a suicide support group facilitator with CONTACT CRISIS, with the Mosaic of Dallas and served countless hours with Hope Worldwide in Dallas and Kansas City during immunization for children campaigns, fire prevention awareness canvassing and disaster preparedness and relief efforts.

He currently volunteers at Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as the Welcome Table Community Center food pantry and Garden Park community garden in Turley, Oklahoma. 

Rob has acted in several musicals, starring in three, including Esther and the Banquets of Susa, for which he co-wrote the music, lyrics, and the book.

His non-fiction articles have appeared in Green Country's PreviewMagazine and TulsaPets as well a monthly column reviewing Kickstarter comics on CapelessCrusader.com.

His short fiction, under the pen name ROBERT SOUL, has appeared in Dark and Dangerous Things IIIRuined My Rhythm, Vol. 1, a graphic novel of his, will be released October of this year.

Having worked as a warehouse shipper and receiver, an insurance salesman, a call center customer service representative, a substitute teacher in science, history and English, a psych tech, a campus minister, a convenient store clerk, a nanny, a butler, a valet, a cashier in an Indian store, Rob has a plethora of stories yet to tell.

A recent trip to Eastern Europe has added wood to his storytelling fire, specifically a quartet of novels in the works called The Saint, the Spy, the Witch, the Wolf.​​

He is co-founder of Writing Well with M.A. Chiappetta.