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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, SHIRLEY (Howard) HALL grew up in a mixed middle-class community, exposed to America’s diverse cultures through neighbors, classmates, family and friends. Inspired by the writings of Shakespeare, Poe, Gibran, and Hughes, Hall began writing and publishing short stories and later turned to poetry. In 2006 after retiring from corporate America, Hall soon began blogging and publishing her controversial poems and essays.

A voice for the middle class, the displaced and the poor, Hall was approached by a publisher who appreciated her message and believed in what she was doing. Her first book One Day became the author’s way of making a difference and taking a stand. In Hall’s second book LISTEN, she compels us to look at the mistreated and enslaved, hopeless and helpless, abused and disenfranchised; to acknowledge and at times concede to the darkness that masks their faces.

Although her focus remains on poetic advocacy, as freelance writer and owner of MORE THAN WORDS, Hall’s projects range from social and corporate communications to speech writing, personal greetings, and public speaking. Hall has presented her poems in schools, colleges, churches, and in 1979 by special invitation to the Ambassador at the American Embassy in Spain. Additional credits include publication in various college presses, magazines and community newspapers.

You can learn more about Hall through her website, www.shirleyhallpoet.com.